In the absence of a separate master services agreement between Granite Telecommunications, LLC and/or its affiliates (“Granite”) and a specific Granite customer (“Customer”), these terms and conditions of service serve as the Agreement between Granite and its customer.

The “Agreement” consists of the General Terms and Conditions of Service (“General Terms of Service”), any product or service specific Additional Terms and Conditions of Service (“Additional Terms of Service”), Service Order Documents and/or other written document(s) approved by Granite, including any incorporated attachments, appendices, schedules and/or exhibits, provided to or executed by Customer, and any applicable tariffs, if any. The Agreement between Granite and Customer sets forth the legal rights and obligations governing Granite’s offer, provisioning and delivery of Services and Customer’s receipt and use thereof.

In the event of any inconsistencies between the documents comprising the Agreement, and only to the extent of the inconsistencies, the interpretation of the Agreement shall be controlled by the following order of precedence (from the most to the least controlling): (a) any applicable filed and effective tariff(s); (b) applicable Service specific Additional Terms of Service; (c) the General Terms of Service; and (d) the provisions of Service Order Documents and/or other written document(s) approved by Granite. In the event that Granite and Customer execute a separate master services agreement, then that master services agreement shall fall before the General Terms of Service in the order of precedence. This order of precedence notwithstanding, terms and conditions, including pricing, contained in any other writing will be controlling if specific agreement language permits.

THE GENERAL TERMS OF SERVICE, ADDITIONAL TERMS OF SERVICE, AND PRIVACY, MODERATION OF USE AND ACCEPTABLE USE POLICIES ARE ACCESSIBLE AT ALL TIMES BY CUSTOMER ON GRANITE’S WEBSITE AND, TOGETHER WITH TARIFF(S), MAY BE MODIFIED BY GRANITE AT ANY TIME, INCLUDING AS REQUIRED BY APPLICABLE LAW. Unless notice of changes to these terms and conditions are otherwise communicated to Customer, changes to any of these terms and conditions will become effective and binding on Customer on the date such changes are posted on Granite’s website. No changes made by Granite to any of these terms and conditions shall serve to constitute a default or termination by Granite of these terms and conditions, nor shall such changes serve to be a basis for Customer’s termination of any Services.

Terms and Conditions Applicable to All Services

Terms and Conditions Applicable to Specific Services

Certain products and/or services have specific terms and conditions in addition to the General Terms of Service. The following product and/or service specific Additional Terms of Service are supplemental to the General Terms of Service:

Service Level Agreements Applicable to Specific Services

Tariff Documents and Service Guides


Legacy Granite Services