Granite Edgeboot

Uninterrupted Connectivity

The flagship device of Granite’s managed power distribution suite of products.  This small device is a giant with its patent AI platform. The edgeboot managed power distribution unit combines advanced technology with an intuitive user interface, providing businesses with unparalleled control, efficiency, and reliability. By leveraging AI, wireless connectivity, and automated scripting, edgeboot minimizes downtime, reduces operational costs, and simplifies device management.

Granite Lab edgeboot
Granite EdgebootPro

A Formidable Leap Forward in PDU Technology

edgebootPro takes Granite’s managed power distribution to the next level with LTE connectivity for Out of Band (OOB) failover, an upgraded processor and modem, advanced reporting, and ticket integration. This intelligent 4-port PDU exhibits remarkable compatibility, accommodating a diverse range of communication devices, including cable modems, network edges, point-of-sale systems, and digital signage, among others.

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Granite Edgeboot+

Expanding Possibilities

The edgeboot+ expansion unit is cutting-edge technology that allows users to enhance the power of their edgeboot or edgebootPro devices. By providing the ability to control additional devices in close proximity, edgeboot+ opens up a realm of possibilities for businesses to streamline their processes and increase efficiency.

Granite Lab EPIK Edge
Boosting Efficiency & Performance

Benefits of edgeboot

Rest easy knowing that the edgeboot ecosystem places the highest priority on security. Data encryption, private cellular connections, two-factor authentication, and rigorous ethical hacking testing ensure comprehensive protection for your network.

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Granite knows no bounds. In addition to Service Consolidation, Granite prioritizes Technology Innovation to bring new and unique solutions to our industry.

From unmatched wireline to wireless connectivity options, most trusted WAN and LAN solutions, and the tools and expertise, partnering with Granite puts our customers in the best position to succeed with their business goals.

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edgeboot is ideal for the following scenarios:

  • Unmanned Locations, such as Kiosks, ATMs, Vending Machines
  • Limited / Overextended IT Staff
  • 100+ Locations
  • Corporate Offices
  • Retail Locations
  • Branch Locations

A DMZ or demilitarized zone is a perimeter network that protects and adds an extra layer of security to an organization’s internal local-area network from untrusted traffic.

The end goal of a demilitarized zone network is to allow an organization to access untrusted networks, such as the internet, while ensuring its private network or LAN remains secure. Organizations typically store external-facing services and resources, as well as servers for the Domain Name System (DNS), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), mail, proxy, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and web servers, in the DMZ.

These servers and resources are isolated and given limited access to the LAN to ensure they can be accessed via the internet but the internal LAN cannot. As a result, a DMZ approach makes it more difficult for a hacker to gain direct access to an organization’s data and internal servers via the internet.

A company can minimize the vulnerabilities of its Local Area Network, creating an environment safe from threats while also ensuring employees can communicate efficiently and share information directly via a safe connection.