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Secure Access Service Edge Solutions

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Combining the power of software-defined networking and virtualization to create a dynamic network infrastructure, enhancing performance, and optimizing network resources.

Cloud computing technology

Cloud Firewall

This innovative solution serves as a digital gatekeeper that protects your network, ensuring that only authorized traffic gains access to your vital applications and services.

real estate and property management VoIP

Cloud Switching

This transformative process liberates data from the constraints of on-site servers and traditional infrastructure, enabling secure, ubiquitous access and increased flexibility and efficiency.

Multi-factor authentication

Cloud Wi-Fi

Its capacity to simplify management, enhance security, and promote scalability makes it a quintessential choice for businesses across diverse sectors.

Two IT employees walking in a data server room

Unified Network Stack

A powerful solution for companies aiming to streamline their communication and technology infrastructure.


Break From
Legacy Networking

SD-WAN is a cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes traditional networking techniques. This innovative solution combines the power of software-defined networking (SDN) and virtualization to create a dynamic network infrastructure, enhancing performance and optimizing network resources.

An IT employee working in a data server room

Designed to leverage the flexibility and scalability of virtual machines, SD-WAN enables businesses to establish secure connections across multiple sites, seamlessly integrating with existing network architectures. By abstracting the control and forwarding planes, organizations can enjoy enhanced agility, centralized management, and improved overall network performance.

Cloud Firewall

Securing the
Digital Gateway

Cloud Firewalls are engineered to provide advanced protection against cyber threats. Leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms and deep packet inspection, they scrutinize incoming and outgoing traffic, allowing only authorized communication to pass through. These firewalls employ rule-based policies, ensuring that data transmission adheres to your specific security requirements. Additionally, they are designed with scalability in mind, adapting to the evolving demands of your business network.

Cloud computing technology
Cloud Switches

Liberate Data and Applications

Cloud switches offer more control than legacy switches, allowing you to configure settings like port speed, duplex mode, VLAN tagging, and more. Cloud switches provide faster rollout and adoption of new software and feature updates, as well as a reduction in onsite network management devices. It modernizes the technology landscape for better flexibility and increased efficiency.

real estate and property management VoIP
Cloud Wi-Fi

Internet Connectivity

Businesses can streamline their connectivity infrastructure, eliminate the need for on-site hardware, and enjoy centralized, scalable internet services. Cloud Wi-Fi relies on a cloud-based controller that communicates with access points, coordinating their functions and ensuring seamless connectivity. This technology leverages cloud servers to store configurations and manage network policies, allowing for remote monitoring and adjustments. It also supports automatic software updates and security enhancements, keeping the network up to date and protected.

Multi-factor authentication
Unified Network Stack

Unifying Business Communication and Innovation

A Unified Network Stack is a comprehensive framework that combines various networking components, protocols, and technologies into a single, cohesive system throughout your WAN and LAN landscape. It encompasses everything from data storage and transmission protocols to security, management, and optimization tools. This integration is achieved through software-defined networking (SDN), enabling centralized control and automation. This holistic approach simplifies network administration, enhances efficiency, and promotes innovation.

Two IT employees walking in a data server room
Common Features

Securing The Edge

Supports Office Environments

Simplifies network management, supports secure remote work, and improves employee productivity.

Protects Sensitive Data

Ensures the confidentiality of sensitive customer data, financial information, and proprietary content.

Meets Regulatory Compliance

Meets industry-specific compliance requirements by implementing robust network security.

Optimizes Application Performance

Prioritizes critical applications for seamless performance.

Secures Multi-Tenant Configurations

Ensures secure isolation between different tenants on a shared network.

Mitigates Threats

Detects and blocks malicious traffic, preventing cyber threats from infiltrating your network.

Modernizes Network

Outdated legacy applications can be updated and migrated to the cloud, enhancing performance and accessibility.

Connects Multi-Branch Businesses

Ideal for organizations with multiple branches, a Unified Network Stack ensures seamless connectivity and data sharing.

Boosting Efficiency & Performance Is Easy

How Your Business Can Benefit

Granite customize our services to fit your organization’s unique needs, providing a seamless and scalable network infrastructure.

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