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Granite Telecommunications is a participating service provider of a number of government and other discount programs that can help qualified individuals, schools, libraries, community based organizations, and health care providers meet their communications needs. Granite Telecommunications is able to participate in E-Rate, Rural Health Care (RHC), and California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) discount programs to approved eligible candidates. The discounts are intended to ensure that qualified entities have access to affordable telecommunications and information services.

Please note that the qualification and approval of applicants seeking discounts is determined by the Program(s) itself/themselves, and not by Granite Telecommunications.

The Schools and Libraries Program provides subsidies in the form of discounts to eligible schools and libraries for specific communications services. Public or private schools (K-12), libraries, and groups of schools and libraries are eligible to apply for the discount program. For additional information regarding applying, bidding, eligible services and discount amounts for the E-Rate Schools and Libraries program, please refer to the following web page:

For more detailed participant information, please see the CALIFORNIA TELECONNECT FUND APPLICANT & PARTICIPANT GUIDEBOOK.



Effective July 1, 2020, all taxes, fees, and surcharges will be ineligible to receive the CTF discount, irrespective of the “Verification of Non-Exemption from Taxes Form”. Service providers cannot apply the CTF discount to any taxes, fees, or surcharges after June 30, 2020.

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The California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) program offers a 50% discount to approved participants for eligible advanced telecommunications services. CTF California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Main Page Link:California Teleconnect Fund CPUC Page

Eligible Participant Entities Include:

Schools • libraries • hospitals • health clinics • community colleges • 2-1-1 referral providers • community-based organizations (CBOs)

Approved Participants: List of Eligible Entities

Approved Service Providers: Participating Service Provider

Eligible Advanced Telecommunications Services:

Broadband Over Power Lines • Cable Modem • Digital Subscriber Line • Ethernet • Fixed Wireless Internet Access • Integrated Services Digital Network • Mobile Broadband Service – with certain restrictions, see below * • Multi-Protocol Label Switching • Satellite Internet Access • Switched Multimegabit Data Service

*Restrictions on Mobile Broadband Services: Mobile Broadband Services may be eligible for certain participants. In these instances, the participant’s Approval Letter must explicitly

The CTF discount applies only to the monthly recurring charge of an eligible service.

The Following Fees, Services and Products are Ineligible:

Usage fees and service “add-ons.” • All voice including voice over internet protocol (VoIP) • Equipment / Maintenance • Construction / Infrastructure • Local Area Network (LAN) • Managed Internal Broadband Services • Other services (contact the CTF Program to inquire on eligibility)  Entities may determine qualification by completing and submitting the CTF application form to:

  • CPUC, Telecommunications Division
  • Attention: California Teleconnect Fund
  • 505 Van Ness Avenue, #3-E1
  • San Francisco, CA 94102

The form can be found in the CTF Applicant & Participant Guidebook. Once approved by the CPUC, a copy of the approval document must be provided to the advanced telecommunication service provider.

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