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Community Awareness Networking Diversity Inclusion Development promises education and action to promote diversity and equality.

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Granite RockOUT

Granite’s LGBTQIA+ community and allies mission is to create a culture of positivity and acceptance within the workplace.

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Women Empowered through Collaboration Appreciation and Networking connects and supports businesswomen of Granite.

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Military and Veterans

Granite is a proud supporter of the military community.

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People with Disabilities

Every day, we are effecting change to promote greater inclusion for individuals with disabilities.

From our CEO Rob Hale

Why Should Companies Prioritize DEI?

“I think the “why” is clear to most people, but many businesses struggle with the “how.” The only way for a company to really make DEI a priority is to make it part of the company philosophy. Embracing diversity, ensuring equity and championing inclusion must be part of your mission and vision — not just a KPI on your to-do list. Get leaders involved. Put budget behind it. Then, act. Show, rather than tell, your team that DEI is a priority.”

Granite's CEO Rob Hale

DE&I Featured Awards

The Boston Business Journal’s Business of Pride program celebrates the people and companies whose commitment to a diverse workplace and community helps to elevate all.

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‘It’s a Collective Effort’: Pro Tips from Granite’s DE&I Policymaker Sana Sheikh


Channel Futures DEI Blog

A Q&A with DE&I 101 Honoree Granite CEO Rob Hale

Multicultural society and international tolerance celebration of multicultural and african, asian, american and caucasian culture integration and pride as a multi cultural group.

Award or Allison Ordway Award Teammate Spotlight

Rob Hale Honored on 2023 Channel Futures DE&I 101 List

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Channel Futures DEI Blog

Pro Tips from Granite Telecommunications’ DE&I ‘Rockstar’

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Channel Futures DEI Blog 

Diversity Month: A Cause for Celebration at Granite


Community Support

Granite Commemorates Black History Month by Supporting Local Businesses & Nonprofits

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Channel Futures DEI Blog

Celebrating Women’s History Month at Granite: A Model for Prioritizing DE&I.

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Community Support 

Granite RockOUT Celebrates Pride Month with Pride Flag Raisings and

$5,600 Donation to Ryan O’Callaghan Foundation for LGBTQA+ Athletes

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Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace

Hear From Our Teammates

“The world is forever changing and constantly evolving, and Granite must adapt and evolve alongside it. Every member of the Granite family is, first and foremost, their own individual, with their own perspective, past, culture and beliefs. To succeed, we must ensure we are doing right by them by committing to an equitable workplace. Granite is deeply committed to ongoing DE&I efforts. We regularly assess our DE&I initiatives and adjust as needed. We are invested in creating a culture that fosters diversity, equity and inclusion today and in the future.”

“By actively supporting a variety of DE&I employee organizations, Granite gives all employees a voice and a safe space to discuss difficult topics, challenge societal stereotypes, and thrive in their own skin. As a DE&I advocate, I feel like I’m given an opportunity here to make real and noticeable change within my community, my company and myself.”

“Being a part of a company where everyone is welcomed and celebrated is an amazing feeling. Granite is a powerhouse in the telecommunications arena, and we all do what we do very well. But I love how we never lose sight of the specialness of each and every person who contributes to the company’s success. And I also love how we continue to push the DE&I envelope so that everyone will feel respected, welcomed and appreciated.”

“As a founder of Granite and a member of RockOUT, our diversity and inclusion efforts are very near and dear to my heart. The strides we make as a company trickle out to our families, our community, our industry and beyond. I’m so proud to watch our leaders – and all of our employees – stand up for themselves and each other. It’s probably my favorite thing about working at Granite.”

“I have always wanted to feel a sense of belonging wherever I was, and I also recognize that everyone feels differently in every situation or environment. I wanted to help create ways for Granite employees to feel comfortable and welcome. And I want all our employees to know that we value them as people — not only for the jobs they do.”

“We spend so much of our lives at work that a sense of belonging is very important. I want people to have a safe place to let their strengths shine, be able to discuss challenges they face and embrace all of the beautiful differences among us. So, I help drive the publicity of these resource groups and plan activities so our employees can benefit from them.”