A Superior POTS Replacement Solution

Introducing EPIK

For generations, Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) has served as the stalwart foundation of communication networks. However, the present landscape paints a different picture: costs are on the rise, maintenance responsiveness is dwindling, and in certain regions, new lines are simply out of reach.

In this era of evolving communication needs, telecom managers recognize the imperative of crafting a POTS transition strategy. When applications demand more than just basic voice capabilities and call for full TDM compatibility, continuous 24/7 remote out-of-band monitoring, and robust enterprise-scale deployment support, Granite EPIK emerges as the definitive choice.

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EPIK Technical Features

Granite EPIK, a patented technology, revolutionizes analog compatibility with its Class 5 Softswitch-powered Edge device. This device replicates a Central Office, ensuring high service quality and reliability, and supports crucial functions like fire or security panels, elevator systems, and metering applications. It’s not just backward-compatible; Granite EPIK is also future-ready, featuring 4G LTE connectivity and prepared for 5G, with the ability to switch to Wi-Fi and broadband when available.

Security is a key focus, with Granite EPIK providing end-to-edge encryption for all calls and faxes, meeting HIPAA and PCI standards. Its unique approach lies in integrating Softswitch intelligence with Ethernet, FSX, and 4G LTE in one appliance, allowing direct registration of analog devices for a seamless peer-to-PSTN connection. This approach is compatible with all traditional analog lines, including those crucial for fire and life safety alarms, overcoming compatibility issues with other technologies.

Granite EPIK adheres to critical standards and regulations, encompassing:

  • NFPA 72 as an MFVN (Managed Facilities-based Voice Network) solution: Vital for fire and safety applications.
  • HIPAA compliance: Ensuring secure end-to-end encryption for healthcare and pharmacy communications.
  • PCI data security standards: Meeting the requirements for secure payment transactions.


Specific jurisdictions may mandate wireline connections for select applications, particularly in Fire/Life Safety contexts, and wireline connections may be necessitated in certain geographical locations to establish service.

Granite EPIK redefines the POTS replacement landscape by offering a comprehensive, forward-looking solution that caters to the diverse needs of modern communication infrastructures. This is a pivotal step forward in ensuring uninterrupted and secure communication in an evolving technological landscape.

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Boosting Efficiency & Performance

Benefits of EPIK Edge

Choosing Granite EPIK transcends the boundaries of cost considerations. It signifies a shift towards a comprehensive solution that extends beyond conventional POTS replacement. Granite EPIK holds the distinction of being qualified as an MFVN (Managed Facilities-based Voice Network) device, offering a POTS alternative that seamlessly integrates with fire, safety, and virtually all other analog devices. What sets it apart is its provision of 4G LTE connectivity and cellular backup, ensuring connectivity even when primary internet access is unavailable.

  • Granite EPIK caters to specialized applications that demand absolute POTS compatibility, making it the quintessential choice for:
  • Fire and Security Alarms (NFPA 72 Compliant): Complying with NFPA 72, Granite EPIK ensures unwavering communication for critical safety systems.
  • Blue Light Boxes: Ensuring reliable and uninterrupted communication at emergency points.
  • Elevator Voice Circuits: Facilitating seamless voice communication within elevators for enhanced safety.
  • High-Volume or Long-Form Fax Applications (HIPAA Compliant): Meeting HIPAA compliance standards, Granite EPIK guarantees secure fax communications.
  • Meters, SCADA, and Many Analog Modems: Catering to a diverse array of applications reliant on analog connectivity.
  • Granite EPIK adapts to varying business needs, accommodating up to 8 analog lines. For requirements exceeding this scope, devices can be seamlessly combined with a second EPIK, an ATA, or other suitable replacement solutions.
EPIK for real estate and property management

Competitive Edge of Granite EPIK

With end-to-edge encryption for all calls and faxes, Granite EPIK ensures the highest level of data protection.

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