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Advanced Tools to Fine-Tune Your Network Operations and Boost Efficiency

NOCExpress offers an intuitive platform to visualize and take swift action on ticket trends, outages, and vital network data in real-time. Seamlessly integrated with Granite’s carrier portals, the platform streamlines ticket management processes, from assignment to resolution, resulting in significantly enhanced operational efficiency and network performance.

Granite NOCExpress

Faster Resolutions

Granite NOCExpress is integrated with our carrier portals for faster ticket updates and resolution. Take advantage of our own customizable Granite Managed Network Services options for proactive monitoring and alerts.

Learn more about the future of managing your technology services with Granite360.

NOCExpress Dashboard v4
Optimizing your performance in real-time

Granite Managed Network Services

Experience unparalleled network monitoring that not only mitigates disruptions but also empowers you with real-time data and resources to proactively manage your network infrastructure.

Granite’s network 24/7 monitoring solution includes automated customer notification.

Technician holding digital tablet while examining server in server room
instant insight to your network

Key Features of Granite NOCExpress

All Granite service ticket data is immediately available. With proactive ticketing and alerting, users can also create, update and escalate tickets without waiting on hold.

Success happens when you combine will with skill

Benefits and Features

Granite NOCExpress provides businesses with unparalleled visibility and control over their network in real-time.

Two-Way Communication

  • Communicate updates or provide additional info
  • Reduces need for emails and phone calls

Escalate Urgent Requests

  • Tickets can be escalated with the press of a button
  • All Notes are immediately reviewed and prioritized for swift action

Service Ticket Integration

  • Request API keys and review swagger documentation for integration with your existing ticketing system
  • Avoid the need to switch between systems, copy information, or learn a new ticketing platform

Adjust Monitoring and Altering Settings

  • Managed Network Service customers can customize alerting preferences on a per-device basis
  • Add/remove alert contacts as needed
Still Have Questions?


Yes! The “Notes” feature in-app works the same way as emailing or calling in for updates. All ticket updates are available in-app.

NOCExpress tickets can be integrated with existing ticketing systems. Instructions for how to integrate are provided in-app.

Not to worry – there’s a dropdown for “Service Not Listed” to ensure the issue is sent to Granite NOC for troubleshooting.

After a ticket has been created, an “escalate” button will appear if SLA has passed and update is pending.

Yes, users can close tickets in-app!

New users can sign up at 

Existing users can invite members of their team by clicking their initials in the top right corner and clicking “Manage Users”

Feedback can be provided directly in Granite360 via the icon on the bottom-right.

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